10 Rethinking Easter Outreach Ideas

From Big Event to Big Impact

Rethinking Easter begins now. It is one of the most important days of the year for the local church. And it’s only 11 weeks away. Here are 10 rethinking Easter ideas to help you start planning.

Rethinking Easter Church Marketing Plan for Big Impact

Take Advantage of Church Marketing University’s Rethinking Easter Module

Ryan Wakefield, of Church Marketing University, has a very helpful online course to help transition Easter from simply being a big event to a season of big impact.

Don’t miss this course! Ryan is offering it free for those who jump in now.

Gather Ideas to Make Easter Great

One of the challenges is to make Easter feel fresh for your congregation. It’s way too easy to replay last year’s calendar. Easter needs to be exciting for everyone, not just your first time guests.

Most of us aren’t original creatives. We borrow and adapt good ideas from others. I’ve found it helpful to spend a little time reading about what others are doing. I pin the good ones to my Pinterest Page.

My Easter Ideas for Churches Pinterest Page

Get Ready for Company

What happens at your house when company is coming? I imagine it’s the same as at my house. A lot of cleaning!

The same needs to happen at the church. Clean it up. Spruce it up. A walkabout both inside and outside to create a checklist of issues to address might prove helpful.

Get the Word Out with Social Media

We created a hashtag to brand our Easter activities last year and put it on all our social media posts for several weeks. A lot of people noticed and followed.

What hashtag could you use this year?

Invitation Strategy

One way to make it easier for your members to invite others is to give them an invite card. Canva has a page full of ideas that can be modified to make them.

Canva’s Church Invitations Page


I been thinking lately that churches need to start thinking like online entrepreneurs when it comes to marketing. A landing page and an email list are essential for them. Why not for the church, too?

I’m developing a course to help church leaders do the same. Click the link if you want me to let you know when it is ready.

Link for Email course.


This is the easiest to implement. You people know how to pray. A few ideas passed to them each week in the bulletin with ramp up the prayer time.

Better yet, why not write a prayer for the whole church to use?

Easter Sunday

The Vanderbloemen Search Group suggested sending everyone home with a lily. What fun! They have six more good ideas in their blog post.

7 Ideas to Make Your Easter Service Memorable

Make the Gospel Clear

Easter is all about Jesus. It is the perfect time to focus on Him. Above all else, we need to make a clear call for people to come to Christ.

Have a Clear Guest Follow-up Strategy

Rethinking Easter is about more than Easter Sunday. A good follow-up strategy will include a clear next step for your visitors to take.

What do you want your Easter visitors to do next?

This needs to be crystal clear. Rethinking Easter Module 3 has a lot of great ideas to help. I hope you will take advantage of the ideas present there.

Rethinking Easter is a free module from Church Marketing University. I want to especially thank Ryan Wakefield for making this available to my readers.

You will also receive all the information you need to determine whether or not purchasing the course is right for your church. In full disclosure, I will receive a commission if you use my link. It won’t cost you any more to do so.


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