A Leadership Development System that Works

A leadership development system that works is crucial to the development of your church. Having this system in place at every level is the foundation of your Plan for the Unexpected.

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I was introduced to what was then called a delegation system early in my ministry. It was in a chapter of J. David Stone’s book The Complete Youth Ministries Handbook. It was called the Four Phases of Ease and gave four simple steps to equipping others for leadership and ministry.

Four Phases of Ease

The concept is simple. It begins with you doing it and progresses through each step until someone is carrying the responsibility for you.

  • I do. You watch.
  • I do. You help.
  • You do. I help.
  • You do. I watch.

Of course, it’s never as simple as this makes it look. But, you get the idea.

Five Steps of Leadership Development

Dave and Jon Ferguson, in their book Exponential, expanded thinking on this idea in a helpful way by introducing Five Steps of Leadership Development. Their plan moved from a delegation system to a leadership development system by adding one more important step.

Step 1: I Do. You Watch. We Talk.

Step 2: I Do. You Help. We Talk.

Step 3: You Do. I Help. We Talk.

Step 4: You Do. I Observe. We Talk

Step 5: You Do.  Someone Else Observes.

Read You Can Start a Missional Movement that develops his system.

The Lifeshape Square

Mike Breen turbocharged the concept in Building a Discipling Culture. He uses the language of leader and disciple. The square walks through the role and responsibility of each as they move around the square.

The D1 disciple is high in confidence that they can accomplish the assignment. The L1 leader is highly directive.

The disciple starts leading at D2. This usually brings the realization that there is a lot to learn. The leader encourages and casts vision for what they will become.

After gaining experience and encouragement, the D3 disciple begins to grow in confidence while the L3 leader becomes less directive. The D3 is gaining their wings and taking on more and more of the leadership of their ministry assignment.

The leadership development system makes the last turn as the D4 realizes they can fly on their own. Experiencing competence and competence, the ministry is now theirs (and they look for a D1 to develop). The L4 leader moves to the background having handed over responsibility and authority to the new leader.

Do You Have a Leadership Development System?

In a recent tweet, Will Mancini‏ (@willmancini) spoke to the heart of leadership development by writing “When pastors do for the people in a church what the people should be doing for themselves and each other, everyone loses.”

Start your leadership development system today by looking for one person who will watch while you do. Over time you will find that the church can not only survive an unexpected absence in leadership, but it will have a trained cadre of leaders to carry an expanding ministry in your church.

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