10 Reasons for a Pastor’s Platform

Spread Your Message As Far As Possible

A pastor’s platform is an essential communication tool. It used to consist of the stage at the front of the room. She was elevated so that everyone could easily see her. Today’s platform is a bit more elaborate. It’s probably even more important. Yet, most pastors seem to be ignoring it.

The Go Commission Pastor's Platform

What is a Platform?

PC Magazine defines it as “an online marketplace that places one party in touch with another.” Maybe the idea of a marketplace isn’t appealing to you. Try this definition from Jeff Goins. “A platform is a ‘stage’ that gives you and your message leverage and visibility.”

Simply put, a platform is a place to launch a message. Our message of making disciples needs to be launched as far as we can send it.

Pastors share the most important message in the world. It is so important that Jesus instructed us to take it to the ends of the earth. That requires a big platform.

It is now possible for every pastor to fulfill this command by building a platform. I am regularly in instant contact with people from almost every continent. Not long ago no one would have thought I could do that without leaving my recliner.

Reasons to Build a Platform

There are many reasons a pastor’s platform is so important. Here are a few:

  1. Take your message to places you cannot physically go.
  2. It is a Best Practice for today’s pastor.
  3. Promote an event, book, sermon series – anything you want to publicize.
  4. Welcome guests to your church.
  5. Post your sermons.
  6. Offer discipleship opportunities.
  7. You can offer online courses on any topic you want.
  8. They maximize your time.
  9. Create better communication systems.
  10. Team building.

Michael Hyatt expresses it plainly when he says “Platforms are how you communicate today.”

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